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Helping Women Find Healing From Chronic Symptoms


Hi there, I'm Jessica!

I'm a woman's chronic illness coach and a mind-body junkie. I help women get their health back by providing the steps needed to calm the nervous system, and get their mind and body back to a place of peace and healing. 

Chronic symptoms can be caused by extreme emotions such as stress, worry, and fear. Our nervous system becomes stuck in constant fight or flight mode, this is when the chronic symptoms appear. 

The good news is, these symptoms don't have to last forever.

Work With Me

My programs set the foundation for everything you will possibly need to begin the steps for your healing journey. 

FREE Discovery Call

A 20-minute call where I can learn about you and together can create a plan for the next steps in your healing journey!

4 Pillars of Healing Program

Start to feel like yourself again! Learn how to communicate between mind and body with new healthy pathways.

1:1 Coaching Session (30 Min)

We'll create an extensive plan and begin learning the basic techniques for mind-body work.

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Start Your Healing Journey Today!

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