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A Few Tips To De-Stress Naturally

Having a chronic illness obviously brings on anxiety and our stress response goes on high alert. If you have read any of my other blogs, you know that I focus so much on mindfulness.

To be able to purposefully and deliberately look at your experience and what you are feeling at that moment in the complete present, you will be able to look at the stress and emotions from an observers vantage point. You are able to be aware of the thoughts and emotions without being completely emerged with it.

Here are a few tips to de-stress naturally and mindfully.

  1. Get outdoors, really smell the roses. Once you step outside and look at the beautiful colors of the trees, the flowers, the plants and listen to the sound of the breeze, the water or the birds, your stress response completely starts to shift. Actually stop and smell the roses, by doing this it elevates your senses and will reduce the anxiety and stress

  2. When you wake up and are still laying in your comfy bed say to yourself: "This is going to be a wonderful day", "I am proud of myself" and "I am grateful for this day". By beginning your day with these affirmations sets your day up mindfully and positively, which can shift the entire outcome of your day.

  3. Unplug!! Take some time to just unplug your phone, tv, computer, whatever it may be, just turn in off for a bit. So much stimulus coming at you is not healthy. Our brain gets overloaded with negative or false information and in turn creates the stress response to increase.

  4. Read a yummy book. With so much going on in your daily life, take the much needed time for self-care and sit down and read a happy book. By being able to go into someone else's story of love and laughter is exactly what one needs to take the stress and anxiety away. By using your imagination with the story, will tell your brain to calm and will completely shift the stress response.

By being more mindful , you can start to transform the stress response into feeling more peace and happiness. By continually practicing these tips, you can begin to change the brains pathways in a much more positive, mindful way.


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