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A quick ritual that will change your day/life

I think I have always been a pretty upbeat and positive person, I tend to look at the glass half full. When my illness began, I tried my hardest to be strong and look through a positive lens. I even went so far as to get "strength" tattooed on my wrist.

I'm sure you have heard of a gratitude journal, right? I knew a journal was probably a great ritual to do, but it just felt like one more thing/chore to add to my daily life.

If I would have understood then what I do now about incorporating this 2-3 minute ritual, my life would have been completely different, for the good.

When you take the time to sit down, jot down your daily appreciations pen to paper it completely shifts your mindset from what do I have to do, to what do I have?

This is my simple gratitude ritual that will make a large impact on your day/life.

Find a time that works best for you, I personally do this ritual when I get into my cozy bed at night.

  1. Get a little notebook. This is a must because it's important to actually write these appreciations down.

  2. Write what you are grateful for... this can be anything from family, kids, health to anything small like walking the dog, heard favorite song etc. Make it as specific as you can.

  3. Keep the journal somewhere convenient like your night stand so its there ready to go.

  4. Make sure to date your entries. I didn't date my entries in the beginning, but now that I do it's fun to look back and say "oh yah, I specifically remember that".

You will find that this gratitude ritual is such a nice way to began or end your day. It helps the

mind to relax and puts a healthy perspective on your day. Enjoy!


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