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Do You Have A Daily Routine?

I have to be honest, lately I've been feeling a bit flustered and my brain feels cluttered. Starting my own business, husbands job is in a big transition and my teenage son has been home for over a year doing hybrid schooling due to Covid. Let's just say our old routine has been thrown out the window.

Those days of waking up, getting the guys ready to go off to school and work are over. Going from having a consistent daily routine to total chaos and no real routine has been difficult. I am such a type A girl, I love routine!! Can you relate?

How the heck do other people do it? The past couple weeks I've been completely overwhelmed and felt like I was just spinning my wheels, not getting anything accomplished. It was time to take my own advise, it was time to sit down and do a total brain dump to settle my cluttered thoughts.

I tell my clients how important self-care and self-love are and I wasn't giving either of these to myself, until now...

My secret weapon has been a well planned morning routine. It has completely de-cluttered my brain and my stress.

Rather than waking up at random times and not knowing what to get done or where to start, I have set a complete morning routine. I set this just for myself, it's about self-care and self-love, so I can be a better person at home, rather than total frazzled woman.

Here's an example of my morning routine:

Wake up at 6:30 ( before everyone else)

Drink lemon water

Freshen up the house a bit

Write down 3-5 things I need to accomplish for my business for the day

Move my body for 30 min (Either a walk outside or a Peloton ride)


Drink my fave smoothie (protein, healthy fat, fiber and greens)

9:00 am begin my work day.

This morning routine has completely changed my life. It has helped me as well as my family. No more brain clutter and stress.

Another good tip..if you are trying to work from home and have constant distractions around you set office hour times. These are times that no one can bother you and you can get things done for your business. ( I got this tip from my Mom)

Close the office or room door and focus on you!!


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