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Have to give a big shout out to VeDA ( Vestibular Disorder Association)

I have to tell you, if you or anyone you know has an inner ear or brain balance disorder this is the organization you need to reach out to.

VeDA is a lifeline support to people affected by vestibular illness's. They guide patients on the road to recovery through specialists in a patients area, treatment plans, symptom checklists, support groups and so much more.

VeDA was a major lifeline for me when I became ill with Vestibular Neuritis. This is why I am fortunate enough to be part of their organization through the VeDA Ambassador program.

A VeDA Ambassador shares their time and expertise to help elevate awareness for vestibular disorders. There isn't enough awareness regarding vestibular disorders yet, so if you know anyone please refer them to this wonderful organization. I am so proud to be an Ambassador and a part of this beautiful organization. Take a peak at this video, they primarily are focusing on head injuries, but there are so many other vestibular disorders that stem from other factors that VeDA also focuses on.


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