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Have you heard of Neuroplasticity?

Can we really re-wire our brains?

Our brain, mind and nervous system run our bodies and our well being. If you are dealing with a chronic illness your brain and nervous system can become stuck in ways that no longer direct the body in a healthy way. There has been extensive research in the past decade that the mind-body connection has shown that we have the ability to re wire our brains to positively impact our health and well being.

Facing debilitating illnesses can trigger the nervous system and, in turn, trigger the stress hormones that cause effects on the brain and body. These stress hormones send us into the "fight or flight" Mode.

Our Limbic System:

It's very difficult to change our thoughts, this is because our emotions and beliefs are stored in our subconscious, which is away from our awareness, our conscious.

Our emotions are a very powerful presence in our thought process. This is why it can be very difficult to "think positive" when you are completely ridden with fear, stress, pain and fatigue.

Our thoughts are actually kept in our brain that stores the emotions, and the emotional part of our brain processes faster than the parts of the brain that control thinking.

Our subconscious part of the brain resides in a structure called the Amygdala, which interprets stimuli and decides if there is a threat!

Our conscientious Amygdala can become overly stimulated with stress, thoughts and emotions until it feels there is a threat everywhere and becomes a "red alert".

When this red alert occurs it's overstimulating the brain and nervous system

this is what causes the fatigue, pain, stress and emotional issues.

Bring in Neuroplasticity, we create new pathways in our brain and our nervous system. The new pathways will change the old negative ones when we acknowledge that our brain has the ability to actually change itself. With the proper training and practice we can calm the nervous system and increase awareness of our emotional state and thought patterns.

With the training and practices we can retrain the ingrained patterns, thoughts and feelings, which can help people deal with their chronic illnesses. And it can begin the process of healing.

To install positive experiences and emotions into our beliefs takes time. This is because positive emotions and beliefs aren't related to survival.

Facing an illness brings on negative thoughts and emotions, but with practice and training we can influence the negative thoughts to change emotions to a happier and trusting place, which in turn helps the healing process to begin.

Watch the quick video below to explain Neuroplasticity a bit more!


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