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How Can Two Little Words Change Your Life?

Listen up! This post is going to be life changing for some of you.

I know you've all heard the word affirmation, right? Affirmations are very powerful phrases that are aimed to uplift and affect your conscious and subconscious minds. They are meant to shift any beliefs, thought patterns and promote more positive thinking and beliefs.

Like myself, I bet a majority of you have had past trauma, illness, or experienced a very tough season in your life. We go through things that are negative, draining and out right awful.

When we go through such negative things, many of us get stuck in a yucky place. A place where we constantly don't feel well, we feel alone, we feel unsafe.

Using affirmations that begin with two little words can help you begin to shift out of that yucky place. These two words are "I am".

When we use "I am" in the beginning of each affirmation it signals the brain, basically demanding the brain to shift to more positivity. These "I am" affirmations work because they are short uplifting statements you repeat to reverse false subconscious and conscious beliefs that you carry about your life and yourself.

"I am" affirmations begin to help because your brain will start to believe whatever you tell it repeatedly. When we repeat the same thought over and over, the neural pathways in the brain will change from the yucky pathways to the positive pathways.

Research has shown that 90% of our brain activity is subconscious. This includes your beliefs, habits. emotions, and values. These "I am" affirmations also have a profound impact on your mental health. Practicing positive self talk can help reduce any stress or anxiety you carry as well.

When creating positive "I am" affirmations, it's important to make them very specific, personal. and present tense. Make sure your affirmations are based on your biggest desires and dreams. You want them to reflect the life you want to live.

Being intentional about the "I am" affirmations you choose, you will begin to see real changes in your life.

A few "I am" affirmations that will elevate and shift those neural pathways:

I am happy and healthy

I am supported and loved

I am capable of achieving alnything I set my mind to

I am worthy of health and wellness

I am deserving of good health and vitality

I am committed to a happy life

I am appreciated

I am proud of who I am

I am valued for the work I do

I am allowing myself to feel happy and elevated

I am filling my life with joy and optimism

How to practice these affirmations daily:

  1. Wake up in the morning and repeat your "I Am" affirmations aloud or in the mirror.

  2. Write your affirmations in a journal or notebook and read aloud.

  3. Create a screensaver or background on your computer.

  4. Make a voice recording on your phone to listen to throughout your day.

Give it a try. I think this practice will shift your thoughts and beliefs to a better place.



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