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"I Proved Myself Wrong"

If you would've told me years ago that I would be sitting here today writing a blog about proving myself wrong, I would have thought you were crazy.

I believed I was going to be sick forever

I believed my son would be left without a mom

I believed I would never work again

I believed my husband and son didn't deserve this

I believed I would never feel joy again

I believed the world would be better off without me

I proved myself wrong!!!

I decided to begin to show up for myself and shift the language I used. Learning to truly communicate with my body was the key to my healing.

I began to shift my language and patterns to activate my bodies ability to heal.

By implementing new vocabulary, imagery, pathways opened up a world of healing.

The brain and the nervous system create all pain. Our body is constantly sending messages to the brain. When you are having symptoms, those messages are danger messages. The brain interprets those danger messages and decides whether to create pain in a response to keep us safe.

The beautiful news here is, if the brain has learned to produce these pain messages, it can learn to stop producing them. By stopping the pain messages we break the pain cycle.

This is where the recovery journey begins.

Steps to retrain your brain:

Tackle negative pain perceptions and replace them with positive coping strategies.

Train your brain that there is no more threat.

Change negative language and behavior patterns .

Acceptance and allow negative thoughts to pass by and use strategies to deal with symptoms.

Mindfulness to be present and grounded.

Exercise to boost mental health and reduce stress.

Setting health goals for your future.

Practicing self-care.

Nutrition to reduce inflammation and heal body and mind.

When I implemented these steps and showed up for myself, my life completely changed. I did prove myself wrong.

That is why I became a women's wellness advocate. If I can heal and get my life back, so can you!!


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