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My Epstein-Barr Nutrition Protocol

Finally getting the EBV diagnosis, I designed a new daily diet protocol. Having researched ( Medical Medium) and having the guidance of my Naturapath, I started on a plant based diet.

Fruits and veggies in their raw state contain the highest level of nutrients of any foods (Medical Medium).We have been taught that too much fruit is bad...but it's not! When we begin to flood our body with these amazing nutrients it sets the building blocks to boost our immune system.

Every system in our body will be strengthened and cleansed by these vitamins and minerals.

Meat, fish and grains can be beneficial, but can also be hard to breakdown. "When our bodies are overloaded with toxicity or illness, we lose the ability to process these foods in an optimal way" (Medical Medium)


Early Morning: I begin my day with 8 oz. of celery juice. Pure celery juice is known for it's ability to calm inflammation and flush out viruses.

Mid Morning: I consume a smoothie made of

  1. Frozen blueberries

  2. 2 cups spinach

  3. 1/2 cup cilantro

  4. 1 banana

  5. 1/2 avocado

  6. teaspoon of barley grass powder

  7. teaspoon of spirulina

  8. water

This smoothie recipe keeps my energy up and fills me up too!

Mid Day: I make a big salad filled with spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, grapes, apples, orange and avocado. For the dressing, I mix garlic, ginger, cilantro and lemon.

Mid-Afternoon: I snack on grapes, oranges and celery

Dinner: Soups are great to have with dinner. I love spinach soup or squash soup, with a big salad again.


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