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Steps to Re-Write Your Healing Story

When working with clients, I give them the steps/techniques needed to be able to re-write their health and healing story. It's never a one size fits all, but I've found techniques that begin to ease the constant stress that their bodies have endured.

In the face of a major life event such as an illness, you feel overwhelmed, emotionally flooded, and unable to think clearly. This is because your brain is stuck in the fight or flight response. Your brain is set on high alert and this is why you have the symptoms you do.

We can actually train our brain to become more resilient to this major life event (trauma) in these steps listed below.

Training (brain re-wiring) steps that I use with my clients:

  • We become the observer/watcher: I help to change your relationship to your actual symptoms, thoughts and feelings. Being an observer stops you from feeling consumed by your fears and symptoms.

  • We replace fear with curiosity: We shift your language to "what is this symptom trying to tell me", or "is this a major event or will this pass by?"

  • Accept emotions and the symptoms: By accepting these feelings you won't be as frightened by them. Be willing to work with the symptoms rather than against.

  • We hold nonjudgement: When our brain triggers the stress response we tend to go straight to fear. We want to run and escape the feeling or symptom. By observing and nonjudging you will be able to stand back and redirect and observe (what's this symptom telling me)?

  • EFT Tapping: By tapping on the bodies meridian points, one balances and releases the emotions which will tell the brain that it's safe and okay, which in turn will ease your symptoms.

  • Grounding strategies: Techniques to use to help you feel soothed and connected to your surroundings.

  • Visualizations: Visualizations calm the brain and shift your thoughts, emotions and feelings to a more positive and peaceful place.

  • Focus on what you have, rather than what you don't have.

  • Gratitude: gratitude shifts the mindset and relaxes the brains stress response.

  • Enjoy nature: Nature and the elements will bring peace and tells the brain it's okay!

  • Affirmations: Affirmations shift the language to a positive.

  • Learning self-compassion: Some examples are: kindness meditations, EFT tapping self-love, write a letter to yourself.

  • Tell your story of becoming well: Write your new life story, even if you are currently feeling unwell. List your goals, goals for healing, goals for your journey. How do you feel? What do you look like? What does healed feel like?

  • Let go of toxic language: let go of "I can't", "I'm scared", and change to "I can", "I will", "I deserve".

These are just a few of the steps/brain re-wiring techniques that I use with my clients. Once you begin to put these exercises into place the brain will start to associate more with happiness and positivity, which will turn the brains alert system off and symptoms will begin to decline. The power is within you, you have the power to re-wire your brain and reclaim your healthy life again.

Be Well



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