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Why Do We Blame Ourselves For Being Sick?

This hits so close to home for me. When my illness first began and so many of the specialists and doctors said " I don't see anything wrong with you", I felt like I was going completely nuts.

We don't choose to be sick, we don't choose to have debilitating dizziness, fatigue, pain, anxiety etc.

Yet, we still blame ourselves. We tend to feel a sense of personal failure. I know I did, when I was faced with years of a chronic illness and all the symptoms that are associated with it.

The long days of no answers and not knowing where to turn, we find it difficult to remain positive about our current life or the future.

After years of my own research. I stumbled on a book called "Heal" by: Karyn Shanks. This was one of my major aha moments. Karyn Shanks says "suffering in not a character flaw, to heal we must let go of the blame, judgement and consider another story". " A heroic story, your story".

Instead of telling your story with all of the judgements in your brain, pretend you are a caring outsider and tell your story as it is right now, with love and without any judgement. Tell your story of becoming well and healed. Even if you are feeling completely ill and not feeling positive about the future, still tell your story.

Begin a healing story of becoming well again. This is the first step!

"Declare your yes"!! (Karyn Shanks). Yes to a better future, yes to healing, yes to opening new doors to your future.

The story you tell has great power, it can strengthen you, or it can completely stop us from healing.

When I begin working with people, I focus on very small shifts. The tiniest shifts in our thinking and behaviors can lead to lasting change and healing. Positive actions and thoughts lead to positive change. We must claim our power back and and own the truth that we can heal ourselves. We can have a bright future!!


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