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Will I Feel Like This Forever?

In my darkest days of my illness, this was the question that would haunt my mind constantly. With my vestibular illness feelings of derealization, blurred vision, dizziness and sensations of being pulled down to the floor each step I took, took a toll on my mind and body. I felt as if I was stuck in a complete nightmare that would never end. My family didn't/couldn't understand, I didn't know where to turn and definitely didn't want to face another day in this nightmare. I literally felt I was stuck and going to lose my mind.

When I think about those very dark days it brings about so many emotions. Now, I say to myself "I can't believe I went through that". There are so many times I think, if only I could only go back and help my sick self and tell myself "this is not permanent", and "you will not feel like this forever", but I can't.

But I can tell others!!!

I feel the reason that I went through those dark, horrifying days is to teach and guide me on a path to help and heal others. I was meant to feel fear, loneliness and pain in order to get a real understanding of what a chronic illness really feels like. There are so many specialists that help with chronic issues, but have no idea what it really feels like. Through my long journey I now know the roadmap back to healing. It took a long time but I got there and now have the key steps to help others re-write their healing story. The first step is you need to give yourself permission to heal and and let go! Let go of the fear and commit to re-writing a healing/wellness story. I got you!!!


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