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Woman In The Window (sick of being sick)

As I was sitting, reflecting on the past couple of years this image came to mind. We collectively as a world have been through so much and we still are!

Many of us have literally been looking out our windows while suffering silently. Whether it's from your own battle with Covid or complications from vaccines, it has been extremely life altering for so many of us. The amount of people that now are experiencing debilitating symptoms that they have never experienced before is unimaginable. People are frightened, having to be their own advocates with no guidance of where to turn for help.

Unfortunately, practitioners are feeling very overwhelmed and quite honestly have no idea how to handle much of it. Patients are waiting 6-12 months just to get in for an initial appointment to see their doctor. I've had patients reach out with not knowing where to turn or inquiring about what to do for a new symptom they are experiencing. Many mainstream practitioners are not trained in what we are facing right now. Patients are desperate, advocating for themselves, thinking out of the box and reaching out to more holistic/alternative practitioners.

The chronically ill have been hit particularly hard. Their mind and body have already been through so much and to add the virus/vaccine (that is very new and complicated) to their system completely overwhelms it. The nervous system takes a huge punch!

If someone is already experiencing debilitating symptoms from let's just say... Lyme disease, RA, Vestibular diseases, Chron's disease, Epstein Barr, Lupus, MS and many more, their bodies are already so consumed by so much devastation.

Many scientists are currently researching to find ways to improve the understanding of the condition that's needed to provide the appropriate care for patients. In the meantime many are turning to ways to decrease all the stress on the nervous system as well as the immune system.

Some theories believe that when we encounter an illness that is life threatening, as far as the brain is concerned, the brain senses danger! The life threatening illness triggers a stress response in the brain from the initial trauma of the illness.

The brain and body mount a response to the acute stage of the virus and once it has cleared from the body, rather than healing, the brain can get stuck in an unconscious and on going high alert stress response.

This stress response or fight or flight response fails to turn off, it can negatively affect many systems of the brain and body. A chronic stress response can begin to affect energy levels, cognitive function, inflammation, sleep, pain and mood levels.

This is big!! The good news is, the brain has the ability to change or rewire itself, this is called neuroplasticity. By re-wiring the brain one has the ability to build healthier neural pathways that support function of the different systems in the body. Rewiring the brain will allow the body to move from a state of survival, into a state of rest and safety, where healing can begin to take place. With the proper training and practice we can calm the impaired patterns, thoughts and feelings in our brain. We begin to influence the negative thoughts to change emotions to a more positive trusting place, which in turn helps the healing process finally begin. This is particularly life altering for chronic illness patients.

If you are stuck and experiencing symptoms, understand that the brains involvement in your condition and learning the proper tools to rewire your brain can begin to lead to tremendous, lasting improvements in your health and well-being.


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