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1:1 Coaching with Jessica

Are you ready to begin living, rather than just trying to manage your symptoms?

Select a program below that interests you. You will start with a complimentary discovery call that will assess where you are and what steps are needed to begin your healing and wellness story. The program will be designed for YOU and YOUR individual needs. Whether you want to take part in the 60 Minute Intensive Session or the 30 min Coaching Sessions, it's your preference.

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"Being a Wellness Advocate and mind-body coach,  my goal is to support your specific wellness goals. Together, we’ll push boundaries in order to come up with a personalized plan designed just for you."

Additional Program Info

You will learn the steps to begin the healing process through mind-body exercises and small weekly goals. I will give you the steps and guidance throughout the entire process. You will improve your health and wellness through the needs of your actual mind and body, and will begin the path to happiness and getting YOU back! 

  • Gain the tools to begin to accept and re-write your healing story

  • Gain the tools to combat stress, anxiety and worry.

  • Mind-body exercises to calm the nervous system and get back to a place of safety.

  • Tools and exercises to re-train your  brain and heal the unwanted sensations

  • Weekly motivational tips

Not Sure Where To Start? Book A FREE Discovery Call Today!

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