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7 Days Of Nervous System Regulation

In order to begin to heal chronic symptoms, we must prioritize the nervous system. Nervous system regulation isn't just about eating well or exercising, it's a lifestyle.

Here's a few tips to incorporate nervous system healing into your routine.

  • 10-20 minutes per day of journaling. You're going to journal about all the daily life stress, emotions that you're having. Any repressed emotions that we keep stored within is a major cause of stress and toxic energy. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to move the body out of fight or flight and begin to heal the nervous system.

  • EFT Tapping: Tapping is a powerful stress/fear relief technique. The actual exercise requires you to focus on a negative emotion, fear, worry, or anything that's causing you stress. While maintaining a focus on that issue, you use your fingers to tap around specific meridian points on the body. Tapping on the specific acupressure points sends a calming signal to the brain, allowing you to acknowledge the stress while calming the body.

  • Get outside and move your body: Getting outside helps to ease stress within your mind and body. The smell of the environment, the colors, the act of moving your body all help the nervous system feel a sense of peace.

  • 3-5 Minutes of Breathing: Breath controls the nervous system. The quality of each breath will determine if you are in a state of fight or flight or rest and repair. Box breathing can be extremely benneficial to the nervous system. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, repeat.

  • Gratitude: When we focus on the positive emotions, our brain reduces the production of stress hormones. This helps ease the nervous system, which will reduce feelings of anxiety or worry and promote a sense of well-being.

  • Turn phone off: Putting down the phone can reduce anxiety and stress. Many people use their phone as a coping mechanism to block or avoid dealing with their own daily stress and emotions. By putting the phone away for a bit, an individual can learn how to effectively process their anxiety and emotions.

  • Morning cold face plunge: By putting your face into cold water, either in the sink or the end of your shower routine can send signals of rest and repair to the mind and body. This can lower inflammation, as well as calm the nervous system.


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