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The Number One Thing That Helped Me Heal My Chronic Symptoms!

I spent over a decade with a chronic condition. I experienced daily dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, pain and anxiety. I wasn't aware that the main source of my symptoms were coming from deep suppressed negative emotions.

I did everything that I was told to do by physicians all over the country. I did many expensive treatments, meditation, breathwork exercises. exercise, anti anxiety medication, nothing helped.

While those things can be very supportive to the mind and body, there was one missing piece that was the main contributor to my debilitating symptoms. The missing piece was suppressed negative emotions.

When we don't acknowledge or feel our deep true feelings and emotions they will begin to take a toll and begin to wear your mind and body down. These emotions will begin to effect your subconscious, which will trigger a state of "fight or flight" within the nervous system. Unfortunately, we don't tend to understand what's happening to our brain and body when this is triggered. The fight or flight response is sabatoging all our efforts to try and heal.

After a decade of being stuck in this state of fight or flight, I learned how to begin to process my deep emotions and feelings. This is when my whole world changed, I wen't from a place of dread to a place of peace and healing. My chronic symptoms began to melt away. I began to recognize the power of releasing my negative suppressed emotions.

I've taught many women how to do this work as well. I've been blessed to be able to watch the shift happen, to go from a state of constant stress to a state of healing a peace.

Releasing the deep negative emotions transformed my life and my health, and I know they can transform yours as well.



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