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What Are Your Symptoms Trying To Tell You?

Are you listening?

When you've been suffering from chronic symptoms longer than 6 months it's time to start realizing that your symptoms are there for a reason, they are actually trying to speak with you. Unfortunately, most of us are so frightened of these symptoms/signals and we tend to run or try and push them away.

Have you ever thought about what your symptoms may be trying to communicate to you? Are they asking you for some self-kindness and awareness? Are they asking you to resolve stress or repressed emotions that you've been carrying around for a long time? Are they asking you to slow down, stop being so hard on yourself?

When we begin to stop, get in tune with our body, and truly listen to what your body is trying to say, is when true healing begins.

Rather than suppressing those signals/symptoms without listening or addressing them keeps you stuck and sick! It's time to start listening!


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