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Have You Heard of EFT Tapping?

Tapping also known as EFT (emotional freedom technique) is a very powerful stress and emotional release. Tapping is based on ancient Chinese acupressure. Studies have found that tapping relaxes the stress hormone and relaxes the fight or flight response in your brain.

Stress in completely detrimental to your nervous system and your immune system. Stress makes it difficult for your immune system to fight off infections/antigens which in turn makes us more vulnerable to disease.

Tapping reduces that stress, which in turn will allow your immune system to work properly.

I have become completely obsessed with tapping. It has completely changed my life and has cured my chronic symptoms for good.

How does tapping work?

Tapping requires you to focus on a negative emotion. This emotion can be anything from fear, anxiety, illness, fatigue etc.

You use your fingertips to tap several times on a specific meridian point on the body.

By tapping on these specific points it begins to send a calming signal to your brain and it opens up and releases any points of blocked energy, which lets the brain know that it's safe and can begin to relax.

So, for example, when you are suddenly woken up in your sleep and your mind starts racing, your brain begins to stress and you can't fall back to sleep. This triggers a stress response and your limbic system ( responsible for emotions, sorts and filters information, regulates hormones and is basically our look out tower) goes into high alert or a fight or flight response. You become anxious, worry about not getting enough sleep, stressed about how you are going to feel in the morning etc.

By tapping on the meridian points while you think of what's causing your stress helps your brain (limbic system) understand that you aren't in any danger and it's safe to relax.

In recent findings, there has been undeniable research proving that tapping produces real, lasting positive effects and breakthroughs.

Tapping regulates the nervous system and boosts the immune system. By reducing the stress it also helps the body to fight against inflammation.

So many people are suffering in this world and settling for lives filled with bad health and emotional baggage. People are stuck in a negative loop, not knowing how to achieve the happy and satisfying lives they deserve and desire. They are stuck accepting a lifestyle of anxiety, chronic pain, fear, fatigue and so much more.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If this does sound familiar and you feel stuck, tapping can be a life changing exercise for you. Tapping can be used daily to reduce the stress that is interfering with your joy and well-being. It can stop the negative emotion/loop and you can get your life back!

Tapping steps:

You begin by identifying the problem that you want to focus on, It can be pain, anxiety, fatigue or it can be a very specific situation or issue that causes you stress.

Now, consider the problem or situation.

How do you feel about it right now?

You rate the level of intensity or stress on a scale for 0-10, zero being the lowest stress level and ten being the highest.

Next, compose a setup statement. Your statement should acknowledge the specific negative problem or situation and then you follow with a phrase of acceptance. By doing this it nuetralizes any judgements you have around how you feel.

Example of a setup statement:

"Even though I feel extremely tired, I accept how I feel"

"Even though I am stressed about my anxiety, I accept myself and give my body and mind permission to relax"

Now begin tapping

With a few fingers on one hand, start tapping on the karate chop point of the other hand, outer edge of the hand.

(repeat the setup statement three times aloud, while tapping on the karate chop point)

Now tap 5-7 times on each of the remaining meridian points in the sequence of the picture provided. As you tap on each point, repeat a simple reminder phrase. such as, "my fatigue", or "my anxiety" to help you mentally focus on your issue.

Once you have completed the sequence focus on the problem or situation again. How intense is your stress now in comparison to when you began? Give it a rating of 0-10.

Did you notice a shift?

If the stress is still there you can do another round of tapping and keep tapping through the sequence until the stress is gone.

You did it, I hope this tapping demonstration helps you.

Be well


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