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What Is A Women's Wellness Coach?

Let's be honest, if you would have asked me "what is a wellness coach" a few years ago, I would have had no clue.

fast forward to today, I am now one, and for a very good reason.

After visiting so many doctors in my past, I realized just how little time they actually spent with me. In that short period of time the doctor needs to assess your symptoms while coming up with quick remedies for those symptoms. Many doctors will prescribe drugs, which may not be totally necessary. There isn't much consideration in using non-prescription drug alternatives.

Enter wellness coaching:

Wellness coaches, like myself were thrown into becoming a wellness coach after personal experience with our own healthcare.

After numerous doctor visits, years of frustration, no personalized attention and no results, we learn to heal ourselves through nutrition, lifestyle choices and much research.

What exactly does a wellness coach do?

We advocate for our clients to achieve healing and their personal wellness goals.

We also listen, mentor, guide, motivate and take TIME with each client to get them back on the path of health and healing.


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