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Three Easy Tips For Fitting Self-Care Into Your Schedule

Self-care is the big rage right now. To be honest, I am thrilled to see self-care being the popular topic, it means that people are slowing down a bit from their crazy lives. Finding time for ourselves is so important and key to living a balanced and happy life.

Three self -care categories that I am going to focus on are: mental, emotional and physical. By incorporating these three categories into your life will mean you are nourishing and caring for every aspect of your life, and in return getting self-care.

Mental self-care is about trying to find the balance between energizing your mind and letting your mind rest. This will help with imagination and innovation.'

Examples of mental self-care are:

1. Listening to an audiobook or podcast

2. Listening to music

3. Reading

Emotional self-care helps us understand ourselves, helps us deal with stress and helps us express kindness and empathy.

Examples of emotional self-care are:

  1. Gratitude journal

  2. Seeing a friend

  3. Kind affirmations

Physical self-care is about taking care of ourselves through exercise, nutrition and health.

Examples of physical self-care are:

  1. Walking

  2. Eating nourishing food

  3. Drinking plenty of water

  4. Getting a good night sleep

I know these categories and quick and easy self-care tips will bring much joy and balance into your daily life.



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